Màn hình ghép Samsung/ LH55VHRRBGBXXV

Mã sản phẩm: LH55VHRRBGBXXV

Mô tả tóm tắt

  • Màn hình ghép SAMSUNG VH55R-R:
  • - Kích thước màn hình: 55 inches
  • - Độ sáng: 700 cd/m2
  • - Độ phân giải: FullHD (1920 x 1080),
  • - Công nghệ tấm nền: IPS
  • - Tỷ lệ tương phản: 1100:1
  • - Góc nhìn: 178 độ
  • - Thời gian đáp ứng: 8ms
  • - Màu sắc: 8 bit - 16.7 triệu màu
  • - Gam màu: 72%
  • - Haze: 28%
  • - Thời gian hoạt động: 24/7
  • - Tần số quét ngang: 57.3kHz ~ 70kHz
  • - Tần số quét dọc: 48Hz ~ 75Hz
  • - Độ dày viền: 0.44 mm
  • - Kết nối đầu vào/ra: 2xHDMI In, 1xDP, 1x DVI in, 1xUSB, 1x RS232 in/out, RJ45,


Seamless video walls with razor-thin bezels

  • Razor-thin 0.44mm even bezel design delivers one immersive, seamless image.
  • Wide viewing angles enable clear image presentation for more viewers in large spaces
  • 700 nit brightness and non-glare panel provide high visibility 24/7.
  • Picture enhancement technology delivers optimized visuals

Seamless video walls with razor-thin bezels

With an exceptionally narrow bezel measuring just 0.44 mm and equipped with Samsung’s advanced picture enhancement technology along with wide viewing angles, the VHR-R delivers an impactful and seamless experience. Its modern, slim design allows the display to blend into any business environment.

Nearly invisible 0.44 mm bezel

An Exceptionally thin 0.44mm even bezel — a 0.88 mm bezel-to-bezel depth — enables content to be delivered as one seamless image. Additionally, the display helps to eliminate any potential image distortion and provides a more immersive viewing experience.

View content from any angle

The display’s wide viewing angles mean content is easily visible even if viewers aren’t standing directly in front of the display. Audiences can get clear and accurate information regardless of video wall layout or location.

Image enhancement technology

Samsung’s powerful picture enhancement technology ensures all content is vibrant and clear. With Picture Enhancer mode, color saturation and contrast are improved by adjusting the gamma curve. Using Black Equalizer mode, dark images are lightened, so details are easier to see.

Modern, slim design

VHR-R displays feature an elevated design aesthetic with an ultra-slim depth of less than 70 mm. This allows the display to save space and create a clean, modern look for retail or other public spaces.

Vibrant images 24/7

Experience brilliant image presentation with an impressive 700 nit brightness allowing businesses to deliver clear information 24/7. The display’s non-glare panels provide better visibility regardless of ambient light, ensuring critical information is always visible.

Convenient mobile calibration

Samsung’s Color Expert Pro Mobile solution provides a quick and easy video wall calibration through a mobile camera. With the solution’s intuitive UI, even non-expert users can adjust up to 5x5 video wall’s white balance simultaneously without the need for additional equipment.

Comprehensive calibration

Samsung’s multi-step factory calibration process tunes video walls to uniform brightness and color throughout multiple displays. In addition to rigorous factory calibration, users can also manage brightness and color uniformity with Samsung's Color Expert Pro, a powerful free software program.

Advanced UHD presentation

Samsung video walls provide an impressive UHD viewing experience with minimal effort. With daisy chain design utilizing DisplayPort 1.2 and HDMI ports, the VHR-R display can project UHD content across multiple screens up - to 5 x 5 - without requiring an external graphic card or UHD splitters.

Industry standard certified

The VHR-R series is EMC class B compliant, ensuring a safe viewing environment by meeting strict standards of electromagnetic wave emission. The display packaging also passed a rigorous 4-step test in an ISTA-certified laboratory designed minimizes possible damage during delivery.

Intuitive all-in-one operations

The UHD Signage Player Box combines information processing and content management tools into a single platform, for added operational simplicity. Weighing just 0.6 kg, even with embedded MagicINFO S Player 6 and SSSP 6, the compact design of the box makes it an ideal solution.

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